Sunday School Groups

College   D211

Led by Tammy and Donny Cortamilla

An amazing community of college-age adults with the potential to change the world by seeking to know Christ and make Him known! Join us on Facebook.

GAP (Young Professionals)

Our group gives Young Singles a place to find community and hear Truth. We meet at Activities Building of First Baptist Church located at the southwest corner of Garfield and Louisiana.

Refine C206 (30+)

Singles looking for a community of support and growth in Christ. You may be a single parent, or a long time single. Patrick and Heidi Mayers are leading this group to heal, grow, serve and reach out to others who need a place to belong on their journey. No matter what you have experienced God wants to use your experience to refine your relationship with Him.

Barnabas   C204   (50 - 60)

A gathering of Single Adults in their 50 to 60's that come together for fellowship and Bible Studies to hear from God.

Eden   B201   (20’s to 30’s)

Led and Taught by Dr. Gary and Shauna Madden, and Steve and Diana Person

Learn truths through God’s Word on Respect and Love, and learn about what God says about Marriage. Enjoy fellowship and meeting new couples in this one-of-kind class.

Compass B203   (26-36 age)

Led by Randy and Krystal Cotton     Taught by Berry Simpson

Young couples finding direction in their walk with Christ, marriage, parenting and relationships with each other. Most have been married only a few years. There is never any pressure to participate, although discussion is valuable to us all. One of the strengths of our group is how we get together and make new friends in the same stage in life. We also welcome individuals who are married but, their spouse doesn't attend with them at this time. We welcome and encourage all young couples to come and join us Sunday mornings for a light breakfast, fellowship and Bible study.

Song of Solomon B205       (29-43 age)

Led by Jason & Jenny Sims       Taught by Shane Stokes

Our department is composed of young married couples. We have consistent, dynamic teaching of God’s word each week combined with open class discussion. We seek to know the spiritual truths of the Bible and to apply them in relevant life situations. We enjoy a warm fellowship and provide opportunities to get to know one another and develop relationships outside the Sunday School Group setting. Because most of our couples have children, our fellowships are planned with children’s schedules and childcare in mind. We welcome you to come and join us as we believe we are the future of our church!

Luke B206   (30-39 age)

Led by Shane Jobe and Josh Jones     Taught by Perry Taylor

 A great group of young adults who are having their first children.

David C206 (38-48 age)

Led by Delany and Jamie McCaghren     Taught by Lynn Myers

Isaac   C208   (35-55 age)

Directed by Jed and Amy Davenport       Taught by Kristie Garnett

 This is a couples group of parents of older children, youth and college age children.

Nehemiah   C207   (43-54 age)

Led by Tom & Sarah Beebe       Teaching Team

 This couples group begins with mingling around coffee and snacks then moves into a Bible lesson presented by one of several teachers in the group. Most participants are raising children and youth. Throughout the year we have off campus parties and our men meet occasionally for lunches and ladies meet for fun activities.

Grace B209 (37-64 age)

Led by Kelly and Charlotte Cooke         Taught by San Smith

The Grace Department is a group of married adults seeking a closer walk with our Lord and a deeper understanding of God's Word. We are actively seeking ways in which we can impact our local and global community for Christ! Couples in all stages of life and parenting are welcome.

Andrew D218   (50-58 age)

Led by Brandon and Loretta Hinds     Taught by Ryan and Sid Vanderland

A couples group who have kids in college and beyond. We gather for snacks and coffee then move to Bible study which challenges both our intellect and heart. Sid and Ryan, are great at letting members grapple with difficult questions life presents.

 Philip D219   (48-63 age)

Led by Teaching Team

Gabriel D205   (54-62 age)

Taught by a teaching team. A group of married adults.

Peter D203   (54-67 age)

Led by Mike & Donita Fain     Taught by Wilton Youngblood

A group open to everyone. We dig into scripture to learn how each book of the Bible connects to others. We believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God and teaches the story of God's redemptive plan. If you want to go deeper in the Bible, this group is for you.

Bartholomew D207     (55-64 age)

Taught by Mike Kaufman

A group of married adults.

Simon E111   (55-69 age)
Thomas D216, D211, D215   (58-68 age)

Led by Bill and Patsy Bain  

Co-ed group taught by Clark Butts (D211)
Co-ed group taught by Sharon Hyde (D215)
Co-ed group taught by Bob Anderson (D216)

 A group of married adults. A lot of these adults are new grandparents.

Joseph E112   (58-78 age)

Led by Ralph & Karen Lea     Taught by a teaching team 

A group of married adults with a few singles.

John E114   (70-82 age)

Led by Roland & Nancy Moreland 

Co-ed group taught by Allen Cloud

The John Department is a vivacious group of bible students. We have people of many backgrounds and experiences which add richness to the interpretation of the scriptures.We are a praying department and care deeply for each other. The personal interactions within the group make the John Department a comfortable and exciting place to meet and study the word of God.

Stephen E118   (67-88 age)

Led by Jake & Barbara Young     Taught by Bob Hopkins

A group of married adults with a few singles. Many of these adults are retired with some still in careers. Well organized for prayer and fellowship.

James Fellowship Hall 1   (76-89 age)

Led by Dean Rippetoe

Ladies group "Dorcas"taught by Lu Ingram

Ladies group "Lydia" taught by Jodie Baugh

Ladies group "Naomi" taught by Margie Roe

Mens group "Fellowship" taught by Jim Storrie

Co-ed group taught by Dale Beikirch 

We begin every Sunday with refreshments, music and a welcome time the Fellowship Hall before moving to classes. This group is mainly retired adults who are both married and widowed. We host a few department wide fellowships a year with additional class socials.

Samuel E102   (77-92 age)

Led and taught by Harold & Jane Hicks

We begin every Sunday with refreshments, music and a welcome before moving to classes. We offer both women's and coed class options. We enjoy several department socials and also class socials.

Ezekiel Fellowship Hall 3   (36-71 age)

Led by Frank & Kim Cremer       Taught by Vernon Stokes 

The Ezekiel Department is somewhat unique at FBC, in that we are not limited to any age range, gender or marital status. What unites us is our desire to be taught by Dr. Vernon Stokes, one of the best teachers of the Bible anywhere. We meet in Fellowship Hall 3. The teaching format is a lecture style, with ample opportunities for discussion among the group.

Rachel D217   (Ladies 48-70 age)

Led by Karen Morris         Taught by Toni Lent 

Silent Friends   E121   (All Ages)

Led and taught by Danny Campbell

Marcos C209   (Spanish/English, All ages)

Led by Josh Arrambide     Taught by Lazaro Diaz

Marcos gathers on Sunday mornings over snacks and coffee to study God's word. This group is made up of adults who speak both English and Spanish. we have adults attending with a wide range of ages which makes for great group discussion.

International Class (ESL) Room D103 

All ages and languages welcome. This group meets at 11:05 am on Sunday mornings. Learn English while also studying the Bible.

Led by Gloria Youngblood

Elisha D103     (Blended Adults 40’s/50’s and Mentally/Physically impaired)

Led by Stephen Darst             Taught by Allen Jones

Elisha is a gathering of people from all walks of life, ages and abilities. We realize that everybody is God's somebody and we rejoice that we can encourage one another to find a closer walk with Christ through Bible study and fellowship. This group of believers is dedicated to supporting each other in prayer and practice as we seek to serve God and broaden His kingdom.