Partner With Every Family

According to the Bible, every parent is the greatest spiritual influencer in the life of their student! (Deuteronomy 6) Our student ministry recognizes that being the parent of a teen in this culture is a most difficult task. We will partner with each parent to equip them to walk with Christ for a lifetime, invest their faith in their children and help other parents do the same! We will use everything at our disposal to accomplish this including but not limited to:


The Student Ministry will lift parents up in consistent prayer, model a prayerful life for their children and equip them to pray for their children and family.


Along with our weekly email updates and monthly newsletter packed with great articles written by parents, leaders, and even students, our student ministry web page is a valuable resource for parents to stay up to date with info on student culture, articles on parenting, the latest worship series we are going through, details on trips, camp, or DNow. You can even register, pre-pay and download your medical and release forms for each trip online! (All camp and mission participants MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian for orientation).


In our Student Ministry, we believe you are more valuable than just cookies for Lock-in’s! It is our desire that every parent would serve on the Parent Advisory Board (a panel of parents that help steer the Student leadership in accomplishing the vision and mission), a Lead Team for a major event like camp, DNow or a mission trip. We would even love to have you be a part of our weekly worship service. Does your student need space? No problem we can plug you in to places that would allow your student some freedom.


We want every parent to experience God through a Mission experience with their student. We will provide 2-3 Mission 301 opportunities throughout the year that will be designed specifically for you and your family to make a difference in our community together! Hammering, raking, painting, or cleaning alongside your student will be a memory of a lifetime. Our student ministry believes that your family will be stronger by serving together!


Our Student Ministry believes that a lifetime of walking with Christ is best done with others. We are committed to providing opportunities for you to mentor with other parents or those who are in the golden years who have “been there and done that” to help you along the way, encourage you when you’re down, and celebrate with you when God moves. Our hope is that after your student graduates and moves on that you will continue to invest in other parents coming up!