FBC Foundation

The Mission of The First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation is to promote, support and further the mission purposes of The First Baptist Church of Midland, Texas with appropriate financial support beyond that which is available through the Church’s operational budget by:

  • multiplying the impact of small and large gifts and bequests through consolidation with other similar donations;
  • increasing the permanent unrestricted endowment through responsible long term investment and management of assets;
  • providing appropriate means for donors with varied interests in Christian ministries to facilitate and continue their support of Christian ministries beyond the donors’ lifetime; 
  • and serving as an educational resource and catalyst to Church members in matters of planned giving using wills, trusts and other estate planning strategies.


The Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Perpetual Legacy

The vision for the Foundation is to be a permanent missions minded endowment for providing resources to further the Kingdom of God throughout the world. We are the stewards for permanent funds that will long outlive their donors and the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Fiscal Responsibility

Among the First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation’s fiduciary responsibilities to donors, none is more important than the prudent investment of assets. The Foundation’s current investment vehicle is the Baptist Foundation of Texas which manages endowment funds of Baptist institutions and agencies so that they may be invested according to the needs of the client ministries we serve to further their own mission. The Board sets investment policy and oversees the performance of the investment. Preservation of endowment principal is a primary objective. Current income and long-term capital appreciation are equal objectives.

World Vision

The focus of the First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation is missions that fulfill the Great Commission to reconcile the world to God. Donors benefit through joining their funds with those of others to work toward this common goal. Grants from these funds are spent with the Foundation mission in mind.