Student Life Camp Day 3 - the Son & Indoor Rec

by John-David Culbertson on June 02, 2023

“Who do you say that I am?” Jesus question to his disciples in Matthew 16 was essentially asked of each of us last night. Our camp speaker took us to Matthew 20:29ff where we saw Jesus heal two blind men. One of the things that we discussed was the significance of what the blind men call Jesus, they call him “Son of David.” I had always assumed that the crowd tried to silence them because they were annoying, the same reason I might hush someone screaming around me. I did not realize until last night that the crowd was hushing them because of what they were saying, not how they were saying it.

The blind men were crying out to the savior. The crowd would have understood the significance of crying out to the “Son of David.” These blind men were confessing a belief that Jesus was the promised Messiah. The crowd was uncomfortable with this confession, so they attempted to silence the men. Which brought us back to the question, “who do you say that I am?” We each must answer this question for ourselves. Do we confess that Jesus is the Son, fully God who on earth took on the form of man, he became fully God and fully man? Do we confess that Jesus really did die on the cross for our sins? Do we confess that he is the only way to heaven? Is he Lord?

We had a great day yesterday. Our students were amazing. We’re getting a little tired and a little emotional, but we still managed to follow the rules and care for one another well. I’m very proud of our kids. They engaged well in the services and the Bible studies. Rec was different yesterday, it was an indoor, game show style rec. It looked like the kids had fun. I’m uploading pics to the google drive as much as I can, but no promises that they are getting through the bad service. Once we’re back home I’ll be able to upload even more pics. But I did add some new ones this morning. You can click over to see if they’ve uploaded.

It was a little stormy during free time. Some of our leaders got caught in the storm on a hike. I may or may not have been one of them. I was… and I was very wet. Our students were smart enough not to get caught in it, they mostly hung out inside during free time, but they had a good afternoon fellowshipping and spending time together. We’re having a great week. Today is our last full day, so I’ll send my next update from the road when I have cell service.

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