Student Life Camp Day 4 & Departure Day

by John-David Culbertson on June 03, 2023

A bunch of the best parts of doing what I do all happened on our last day-and-a-half. Let’s start with the most exciting part, we have two new brothers in Christ! You should be amening the screen as you read! It was a great night. We had two young men give their lives to Christ for the first time. Heaven just got bigger! Our group is so excited and hyped at the decisions these two young men have made. We also had another young man decided to follow up with a decision he made years ago by getting baptized! Another huge decision that we cannot wait to celebrate.

And the decisions didn’t stop there, we also had a young woman decide she is called to ministry. I love getting to be a partner for students who make this decision. It is so cool to be a part of God calling out the next generation of Christian ministers. I absolutely love it. I hope that you will pray for her and for our new brothers in Christ. These are huge moments in the lives of these students.

As if this wasn’t enough to spend an entire worship service celebrating, we also just had some cool moments in the last day-and-a-half of camp. One of our high school girls dove right into the middle of our junior high guys during worship, sat with them, worshipped next to them, hyped them up for the games and for the upbeat songs. It was really cool. Our students celebrated the decisions of the night all evening, loving on those that had made decisions and sharing in their joy.

Day 4 was a little drier than the other days, so we had several get into the lake. They had fun on the blob and on the water slide. They swear the water was warmer than the air… I remain unconvinced. But they had a blast. Our speaker took us to Acts 4 where Peter and John are put on trial for healing in the name of Jesus. He showed us their Spirit filled courage. He showed us how the Holy Spirit worked in their lives and through Peter’s words to continue spreading the gospel even in the face of fierce opposition.

This morning our speaker had a great final challenge for our students. He talked about going to the coffee shop to get his work done. Every time he does, he comes home smelling like coffee. The smell of coffee lingers on him when he spends time there. He can’t catch the smell in the drive through or in the takeout line. He challenged us to linger in the Lord and to exhort one another (Hebrews 3:13). It was a great challenge for the end of camp. Linger in the Lord and exhort one another.


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