Our purpose is to teach men and women called to or considering vocational ministry the character and competencies necessary for ministry in the local church.

Residency Purpose: First Baptist Midland Residency seeks to lead a Gospel movement in the Permian Basin and partner in Gospel work around the world by placing and equipping residents for kingdom work. We love our city and the Permian Basin, so we will seek to equip and place residents in our city and in our area to help us lead that work. We are also uniquely resourced to help with Gospel work around the world. Our residents will help lead our church Great Commission effort around the world.

Residency Practice: In this model, full-time residents will serve 32 hours a week in their respective ministry area. This will include regular ministry and office assignments. As schedules allow, they will also be assigned to shadow ministers in other areas of ministry. 3 hours each week will be assigned to ministry out of the walls of the church by or under the supervision of the Residency Director. A ministry mentor will be assigned who will supervise spiritual formation for each resident, this will include intentional discipleship and mentoring. Finally, 3.5 hours will be set aside for the residency cohort under the supervision of the Residency Director. An hour of that time will focus on personal growth in key areas while 2.5 hours will be committed to theological discussion and education. Here is an outline of how our residents will spend their time:

  • Practical Experience (Competency) - Residents will be given opportunity for practical, ministry experience under a ministry supervisor and the Residency Director.
    • Full Time – 35 hours (32 hours in the assigned ministry department and 3 hours of community ministry supervised by the Residency Director)
    • Part Time – 25 hours (22 Hours in the assigned ministry department and 3 Hours of community ministry supervised by the Residency Director)
  • Spiritual Formation (Character) - Residents will be mentored by a staff member or church leader each week in a process that focuses on spiritual growth and disciplines. (1.5 hours)
  • Personal Growth (Character & Competency) - Residents will be led through a process of personal and professional growth by the Residency Director. (1 hour)
  • Theological Education (Competency) - Residents will participate weekly in a cohort of residents focused on theological education, supervised by the Residency Director. (2.5 hours)

Residency Director:

John-David Culbertson, Adv.M.Div., M.A.L., M.B.A.

I am a graduate of SWBTS & DBU. I am so excited to be leading the residency program at First Baptist; I understands the challenges of 21st century church ministry and want to see new ministers, missionaries, and pastors succeed. I have 14 years full-time experience as a student pastor and a worship pastor. I know the personal and professional challenges of vocational ministry and want the next generation of church staff to be equipped for ministry wherever and however they serve. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email ( ). 

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