Our internship is designed to give young men and women the opportunity to meaningfully and intensely serve the Great Commission in the local church while allowing them experience what it is like to serve on staff at a church.

We want to give young men and women the opportunity to commit a season for vocational service. This experience will be designed to show them what it looks like to serve on a church staff and to give them opportunities to be a part of our Great Commission work in Midland and around the world. We want to evaluate and prepare young men and women for a calling to vocational ministry, but you do not have to have a "calling" to vocational ministry to serve as an intern. This program is in many ways a seasonal missionary serving alongside our church in Midland. It is a program focused on service & growth.

Interns will work 12 to 30-hour weeks during the school year or 40-hour weeks during the summer. Interns may be required to travel with their respective ministry area on regional or even international trips ranging from retreats to mission trips. They will be given opportunity for practical experience as well as going through a spiritual & personal growth process lead by our Residency Director. Free housing is available for interns.

  • Practical Experience - Interns will be given opportunity for practical, ministry experience under a ministry supervisor and the Residency Director.
    • Summer – 37 hours
    • School Year – 9-27 hours
  • Spiritual Formation – Residents will be mentored by a staff member or church leader each week in a process that focuses on spiritual growth and disciplines. (~1.5 hours)
  • Personal Growth – Residents will be led through a process of personal and professional growth by the Residency Director. (~1.5 hours)

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Residency Director:

John-David Culbertson, Adv.M.Div., M.A.L., M.B.A.

I am a graduate of SWBTS & DBU. I am so excited to be leading the residency program at First Baptist; I understands the challenges of 21st century church ministry and want to see new ministers, missionaries, and pastors succeed. I have 14 years full-time experience as a student pastor and a worship pastor. I know the personal and professional challenges of vocational ministry and want the next generation of church staff to be equipped for ministry wherever and however they serve. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email ( ).