by Darin Wood on June 16, 2022

Dear First family,
     Grace and Peace in Christ our Lord.  After the last few weeks of observing  the Garfield St construction, we feel compelled to make two significant changes, effective this Sunday, June 19 2022.  
1. We're going to close the West parking lot (the one where the bus barn is).  As the work on the street has progressed, the trench work has deepened and in some cases widened.  By our estimation, those trenches are 10-15 ft deep and more than 2 ft wide.  As it stands, the only way to get around the trenches (without stepping over them) is either to walk to Kansas Street or to the area near the front door of the AB.  We are deeply concerned about people stepping over the trenches.  The worst thing would be for a First family member to slip into one.  Thus, for the safety of our church family, when you come Sunday morning, expect the west parking lot to be blocked off.  
2. To alleviate the added distance from the remaining parking lots, we'll have three shuttles running.  Our church busses and golf carts will be in service to bring you from the parking lot to the building.  
Our desire is to protect God's people so hear my heart in why we've made these choices.  I trust you'll join us Sunday even if you have to park in a new place or in a place further away than you want.  We're told they expect to complete this phase in August so this is a short term problem.  Thanks for your understanding and your love in the process.
Your servant,

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