Generations (55+) Class Descriptions

The Bar-Simon

Is a group in intergenerational adults who love Jesus, each other and desire to share that love with others. We have two awesome Bible teachers, who study many hours to convey God’s truth of scripture, and we welcome class interaction during the teaching session. 

The ladies meet once a month for lunch and we offer times of group fellowship for everyone in the homes of our members.  If you are looking for Christ centered Bible teaching in a loving and welcoming atmosphere, we welcome you with open arms. 


Seasoned prayer warriors, young at heart who know how to Laugh, Love, and Pray together. Come Up!  Join us!


Our department is one class filled with Ladies only – Single, Divorced, Widowed, Married Ones that come to church without a spouse, or Who may just want to be with a group of Prayer Warrior women.  We have a variety of ages from 30’s to 80’s plus! We are a true example of “Generations”.  We connect through Bible Study, Prayer Requests and sharing of Blessings which creates an atmosphere of joy and caring concern among members.   

We work on various Mission activities such as Dress Em and Bless Em, gifts for Christmas for one or more children, and other Mission minded activities.  We have a Christmas Brunch, and we invite other Ladies Classes to join us.  We try to have a group dinner once a quarter to allow us more time to visit and enjoy one another’s company.


If you were not born in the U.S. and want to study God's Word with other Internationals, with English as a second language, no matter how proficient you are in English, the International Bible Class is for you.It is for individuals, couples, or families.  Children of all ages are welcome as they come and learn God's Word with their parents.  Not only do we go book by book and verse by verse, going deep into Scripture, but many times, we teach application for your own life.  

Second to learning the Bible is the fellowship with each other.  Those involved in the class have said that the classmates feel like their own family.  We share prayer requests each week and, also, share our sorrows, accomplishments, and joy.  

We have class members from China, Peru, Ecuador, and Togo Africa.  If your country is listed, come and fellowship with these; if your country is not listed, welcome!  We want more countries to be a part as our class represents the world.

Thomas Department Description

Loosely defined, tightly connected 

When you are considering a Sunday School department, we hope you will take a look at the Thomas Department.  Our group is made up of a distinct blend of people who are at different stages of life, but united by our faith in Jesus Christ. Some of us are younger/others a bit older, some are working/others retired, some have married for many years/others are recently married/some are single, several long-time members/some new members.  We truly reflect that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens – all in one department.  No matter how we are “identified” individually, we share common threads – we love Jesus and honor the power of the Holy Spirit, we serve our church and others, and we love one another.  We are blessed to have five experienced teachers, who have their own unique teaching styles. We have great discussion and class participation.  

We pray together, study the Bible, participate in missions, serve the church in many different capacities, and minister to our members and others in the community.  We plan fellowships throughout the year, eat out together regularly, keep in touch with weekly emails and develop deep friendships. 

We happily welcome all who come our way and look forward to sharing your walk.

The Peter Department – Who We Are

Most, but not all, of our members are in the 55+ age group and are from all walks and seasons of life.  The Peter department welcomes everyone who wants to study scripture and fellowship with other believers, no matter who they are or where they are in their spiritual journey.  We work hard to make sure that you feel welcome.

The Peter Dept. is involved in a deeper study of Scripture, learning about the time periods and how whatever we are studying connects to the whole Bible.  We learn together by reading verse by verse.  We dig deep into the scripture, what surrounds it, and the historical background, taught by a Biblical centered teacher with a great flair for historical insertions.

The teaching brings to light much about the Bible that many adults don't know, even if you were raised in a church.

Besides the teaching, though, our fabric is woven with love and compassion and great fellowship with each other.  We love and support each other in prayer and always furnishing food and other practical support whenever needed.  This department is full of blessed prayer warriors.  It is a great support group.

We enjoy getting together for fun, food, and fellowship.  Many couples have lunch together on Sunday, also.  We celebrate birthdays and we get together at Christmas with a ladies ornament exchange.  

Peter department helps with mission projects throughout the year as well as ongoing support of ministries and missionaries.

Stephen Department

Taking inspiration from Stephen in Acts 6-7, The Stephen Department desires to both know and boldly proclaim the truth of scripture. The class follows the LifeWay Explore the Bible schedule ensuring that the entire Bible is taught. 

After a time of pre-class informal fellowship, class typically opens with the singing of a song, followed by prayer requests and prayer, followed by in-depth Bible study. This loving group of adults, also meets several times a year for official fellowship events and informally before and after Sunday School. The class is known for the love that its members have for the Lord, the Word of God, each other, and a lost world that desperately needs Jesus Christ. The class invites all who would like to visit where they can feel loved and accepted.

David Department – Love One Another Class

We are a compassionate, praying group of women with caring hearts.  We study the Word of God together each Sunday and have a close fellowship.  We meet once a week for lunch.  

David Department

The David Department is a group of friendly, caring and loving senior adults who enjoy traditional style worship and Bible study.  We have three classes for women and one class filled with married couples, widows, widowers and singles.  We would be blessed to have you join our group and participate with us in Bible study and Christian fellowship.

Have questions or want more information about Generations? Contact us!

James Ervin, Generations|55+ Minister 
Office phone : 432-683-0653 

Katy Little, Associate Senior Adult and Women’s Minister 
Office phone : 432-683-0610